This blog post is as much for electronic cigarette suppliers as it is for the average e-smoker. As the electronic cigarette becomes more and more popular, we are seeing more and more suppliers popping up. And as the number of companies who offer e-cigarettes grows, so does the methods of sales and marketing messages. Although this is great to spread the idea of electronic “smoking”, it also has the potential of creating additional problems from those who wish to control the electronic cigarette market, i.e. pharmaceutical companies via the FDA.

The FDA attempts to ensure that health claims related to foods and drugs are not misleading. If you want to say something about a particular product you are selling and it is related to an individuals health, then they require you to pay the fees, do the testing, and prove such claims are fact and not just marketing hype. And although we disagree with many actions taken by the FDA, we do agree it is important that consumers have accurate information when making their purchasing decisions. We support truth in advertising.

What is leading to many of the conflicts between the FDA and the electronic cigarette industry are some of the claims being thrown around by suppliers who either don’t know any better or don’t care. For example, “a healthy way to smoke” is incredibly misleading. There is no testing to show that propylene glycol, glycerin, water, flavoring, and nicotine in vapor form is healthy. It leads consumers to believe that they should use an electronic cigarette to become “healthy”.

To be fair, there is no evidence that inhaling the vapor from an electronic cigarette is unhealthy, other than possible health effects from nicotine itself. But I don’t think this should give sellers the green light to market the e-cigarette the same as carrots or lettuce.

The electronic cigarette is a habit. It is not necessary to life.

So, if the electronic cigarette isn’t a healthy way to smoke, then what is it? Simple, it’s something to do INSTEAD of smoking tobacco. Smoking is a choice and Vaping should be too.

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